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Michael McLaren has been practicing vaccine law for almost 30 years. He filed lawsuits against manufacturers before the vaccine program came into existence in 1988. Because of this, there is no one in the program, literally, with more experience than Michael has. He was there when it started.

When the program began, it was primarily designed for children who suffered ill effects from the DPT vaccine. Now most cases involve adults with injuries from flu shots, HPV, hepatitis shots and a whole range of other vaccines. Michael has continued to expand the vaccine practice through the years and has handled virtually every type of vaccine injury.

We handle cases a little bit differently from other firms. Michael vowed early on that nothing can replace a face-to-face conference with the client. He knows he will represent you better having met you. Accordingly, at our cost, a lawyer from our team will visit you wherever you are, either before or shortly after filing the petition.

By way of background, Michael graduated from Yale University in 1972 then went to Loyola University Law School in Chicago. He has been in private practice for the last 36 years and has been trying cases that entire time. He has given many talks on vaccine injuries, including speaking to community groups, television audiences, and, of course, individual clients.

In the early 2000s, Michael was a member of the Congressional Advisory Board on Vaccines, advising the United States Congress on how to improve the Vaccine Act. He remains very active in the “Vaccine Bar,” attends all the meetings, and, of course, knows all the Special Masters (judges) who will be handling your case.

On a personal note, you may have seen Michael in one of a handful of movies he has been in, including The Firm, A Time to Kill, The People vs. Larry Flint, and several made-for-TV movies.

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